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President's Message - Shri Punam Suri

DAV has been making a significant contribution to the society through spreading value-based education keeping the ancient Vedic heritage in mind. In fact, it is the only organization which has set high standards in education while maintaining a balance between Vedic wisdom and modernity.
The organization runs and manages over 720 educational institutions comprising of public schools, grants-in-aid schools, colleges, institutes of professional education and research institutions all over India and abroad. Recently, the organization has taken one step forward by initiating the project of DAV University at Jalandhar, Punjab.
Presently, DAV has taken some crucial steps in its pursuit of excellence. Some of these are: Modernization of infrastructure in schools and colleges, Introducing technology in teaching-learning process, Creating a network of people all over the globe through Alumni Foundation, Strengthening Vedic virtues, etc.

While DAV feels proud of its achievements, it is yet not contented. Its vision is to be crowned as the finest educational organization in the world. Its mission is man-making, dispelling knowledge and building Vedic values. Our success in this endeavor has the potential of making our society free from prejudices and vices.
We, the members of DAV fraternity, believe that the best way to bring a change is to initiate it. With this belief, we have continually engaged over more than 125 years in a relentless endeavor to grow and develop into a pioneer organization in the field of education.

Shri Punam Suri
President - DAV CMC

For more information, visit : http://www.davcmc.net.in

The DAV College Managing Committee is the Executive Body of the DAV College Trust and Management Society which, subject to the overall control of the society, conducts the day to day affairs of the society and controls the administration and finances of its institutions all over the country. It being the nerve centre, formulates policies, plans and procedures to shape the destiny of the DAV network.    

Chairman's Message - Shri Ajay Sehgal

Musings From the School Chairman

Navigating the Journey of Excellence

Every child is a different kind of flower, and all together, they make this world a beautiful garden. It brings me immense joy and pride to pen down my views for ‘Impressions : Read, Rejoice, Inspire ’ - the Annual School Magazine of the Junior School. Shaping the young minds is one of the most challenging tasks in the present times. However, amidst this challenge lies an opportunity and that is to instill in our young minds the values of compassion, empathy, and integrity; to cultivate a love for learning and a curiosity about the world around them; and to foster a sense of responsibility amongst them. My young stars, I encourage you to dream big, to embrace challenges with courage, and to always strive for excellence in everything you do. Remember that each day is an opportunity to learn, to grow, and to make a positive impact on the world around you. Cherish the wonder of discovery, embrace the joy of learning, and always believe in the magic of your imagination. Your laughter, your innocence, and your enthusiasm are the heartbeat of our School, filling each day with warmth and light. My best wishes to the Principal and the teachers of the School for navigating, mentoring and nurturing the talent in the tiny tots with an enriched pedagogical experience.

Mr. Ajay Sehgal
Dav Public School
Kailash Hills

Vice Chairman's Message - Dr. M.M. Goyal

A Message of Inspiration “Learning Is A Treasure That Follows Its Owner Everywhere.”                                                                                         
It’s my pleasure to inscribe my thoughts for the Annual School Magazine of the Junior School- ‘Impressions : Read, Rejoice, Inspire’ of the school. My rising stars, you are the heart and soul of our School community. Your relentless pursuit of knowledge, your eagerness to learn and explore, and
your infectious energy never fails to inspire us all. As you flip through the pages of the magazine, you will find moments of joy, pride, and reflection
- celebrating your achievements and cherishing the memories you have created together. To our dedicated staff, I would say that you are the guiding lights shaping the minds and hearts of these twinkling stars every day. Your passion for teaching and your unwavering belief in the potential of every child, are the driving forces behind our success as a School. As you peruse the pages of the magazine, may you be reminded of the profound impact you have created on the lives of these young stars and the legacy you are helping to build. I extend my warmest wishes to the Principal - Ms Gargi Chabbra, and the committed staff. May your relentless commitment, tireless dedication, and exemplary leadership continue to shape the minds and hearts of their budding talents.                                                                                   
Vice Chairman
Dav Public School
Kailash Hills


Manager's Message- Mrs. Anita Wadehra

“Reflections from the Manager: Nurturing Growth and Innovation” “Education is simply the soul of society as it passes from  one generation to another.” -Gilbert Keith Chesterton

I am delighted to know that the Junior School is coming out with its magazine ‘Impressions: Read, Rejoice, Inspire ’ with the glimpse of the achievements of its young stars & it’s my pleasure to pen down this message for the same. At the outset,I wish to congratulate the Principal, the faculty and the pupils of DAV Public School, Kailash Hills, for an outstanding and remarkable year of achievement and excellence in all the fields. In the journey of education, every day leaves an impression - a mark of progress,  a moment of discovery, or a spark of inspiration. Impression encapsulates these moments, weaving a narrative of the collective efforts that make our school a nurturing space for learning and development. It comprises the activities that engage the young minds in productive and effective learning, inculcating the best practices in education, promoting leadership initiatives and empathising with the less fortunate and marginalised in the society. This has contributed to the excellent standards that DAV Kailash Hills is known for. The holistic education provided in co-curricular activities and discipline, encourages the students to utilise their talents, time and resources gainfully. The former President of India, Dr A.P.J. Abdul Kalam has rightly remarked “Children and youth are the pictures of a nation’s future. They are our hope for tomorrow. If their energies are properly channelized, they will unleash a momentum that would propel the nation on the fast track to development.” Parents, your trust and collaboration are the pillars of our success. Your support enables us to provide an enriching and a holistic educational experience for our children

Mrs. Anita Wadehra

Dav Public School
Kailash Hills



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